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20 August 2008 @ 12:45 pm
Tomorrow I'm leaving  
I leave tomorrow for Greeley and I really have mixed feelings about the situation. I'm SO nervous! But at the same time excited and relieved because this is what all my hard work is coming down to. I just wish I could take David, Leah and Julianna with me.

I got my driver's licence today!! It was totally on a whim yesterday I just called and scheduled an appointment and now I have my licence! I haven't driven nearly 50 hours and I've never driven at night but hey, I still passed! I won't be driving until the summer though because my parents don't want to pay for insurance yet.

Julianna and I said goodbye last night ...she came over around 7 and stayed until midnight! We talked a bunch and it was really nice. I wish we would've hung out more this summer.

I had a going away/birthday party on Saturday which was nice, I really enjoyed seeing all my relatives before leaving.

I'm not even close to being packed and I have so much stuff to bring up is rediculous! Leah's coming over in a few minutes and we're hanging out for the last time while I pack my stuff and paint my nails.

I can't believe I'm leaving my home tomorrow! =/